What can acorn do for me

Acorn is used to understand consumers' lifestyle, behaviour and attitudes, together with the needs of neighbourhoods and people's public service needs.

You can learn more about your customers' behaviour and identify prospects who most resemble your target customers by adding Acorn codes to a customer database. An understanding of the characteristics of people can also be used to drive effective customer communication strategies.

By assessing the Acorn profile of an area, you can define local demand for products and services and compare it to any other part of the country.

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How can you use acorn?

Acorn is available as a dataset of postcodes or as counts of population and household. We provide a range of tools to support your use of Acorn.

  • Profiler is a simple way of analysing customer files. It provides an interpretation of the Acorn profile supported by relevant graphics.
  • Our Acorn Knowledge sheets provide detailed statistics of the behaviour of each Acorn type. It also includes attitudes to crime, health, spending or financial activity, to preferences in communications channels.

We have experience in applying Acorn to a range of issues. If you wish to discuss your most appropriate segmentations please contact us.

Useful downloads

We have a range of useful documents you may wish to download and read at your leisure or keep for future reference.